Image by Callum Wale

The Story of Grifff.

An appreciation of design, and a good pint. 

Grifff began his career as a blackboard artist in the Steel City - his work taking centre stage above hand-pulls back int' day in haunts like The Harley and The Devonshire Cat. Since then, Grifff's art and design has gone global - working on prominent campaigns for international brands from Redbull to Heineken IPA brand Lagunitas, where he is currently taking a lead on their international creative efforts. 


Grifff is working closely with other artists and illustrators in the North of England on a series of limited-edition charity prints to raise awareness of causes close to home. 


Proud to be featured in The Art Post, the incredible new monthly postcard subscription. Each month, you'll receive mini masterpieces on three postcards for you to collect, send or display. The initiative helping you to find Sheffield art , and Sheffield prints for your home or as gifts for family and friends.